Dubious Accusations and Convictions

Here is an geographic index of web pages that give information about dubious accusations and convictions in the United States. Eventually, I plan eventually to include cases from other countries as well. In the meantime, you can find information on cases in other countries on this page at the site of the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance  (OCRT). Many cases in the United Kingdom are at the web site of The Portia Campaign. I have investigated many of the following cases and am persuaded of the innocence of the people accused. Some cases I haven't had the time to look into personally. And in some cases I am not convinced of the accused's innocence, but believe nevertheless that there were sufficient irregularities in the investigation and/or trial to warrant inclusion. Thus I suggest you read the accounts and make up your own mind. If you know of a web site that should be included, please email me at bob@freebaran.org. If no information about a case is available on the internet, you may write up an account (please include contact information) and I will read it and, if you make a reasonable case, I will convert the account to HTML, place it at my own web site, and link to it. In addition to the OCRT web site, I have made use of material and links from Justice Denied, Jonathan Harris, Hugo Cunningham, Nicholas Peters, and Doug Hill. Most of these cases involve accusations of child sexual abuse, but some murder cases are also included. Resolved cases are starred. (By resolved I don't mean that exoneration occurred. In some cases, alas, the person convicted completed his or her sentence.)

United States.

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