Jeffrey's Home

Under cross-examination, Arthur testified as follows:

    1. The exterior of Nickel’s house, where he allegedly transported Arthur on prior occasions, was white.
    2. The walls in Nickel’s bedroom, where the boy allegedly spent time, were blue. [Investigator Bates also made this claim.]
    3. There was a waterbed in Nickel’s bedroom
    4. In order to enter Nickel’s bedroom, Nickel had to duck his head to go through the doorway.
    5. In Nickel’s bedroom there was a camera mounted on a three-and-a-half foot wide window sill.
    6. There was a computer in Nickel’s bedroom

Following the boy’s testimony, Nickel’s brother, who lived at the same residence, testified to the following facts, diametrically opposed to Arthur’s testimony:

    1. For the previous seven years, the exterior of the house has been painted blue, not white.

    2. The walls in Nickel’s bedroom are off-white, not blue.

    3. There was no and never has been any waterbed in Nickel’s bedroom.
    4. Nickel does not have to duck to enter through the doorway of his bedroom.

    5. There is no window sill wider than one inch.
    6. There has never been a computer in Nickel’s bedroom

Consistent with the foregoing, one of the prosecution’s own witnesses, Albany County Sheriff’s Investigator Mark DeFrancesco was forced to admit, contrary to Arthur’s testimony, that there was no waterbed in Nickel’s bedroom, the walls are not blue, there was no computer in the bedroom, and the house exterior was blue, not white.

Arthur claimed to have been at Nickel’s home numerous times.

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